Join our Board of Directors

To run for the Breadroot Board of Directors in this year’s election, you must first declare your candidacy by filling out a Declaration of Candidacy form between 1.24.23 – 2.22.23. See below for our full Election Calendar and to learn more about the work of the Board.

2023 Election Calendar

1.24.23: Elections Calendar posted on the store Governance Board and on the Breadroot website.

2.22.23: Deadline for member-owners to declare their interest for the Board of Directors at the close of the store (8pm).

3.7.23: Slate of nominees is announced, and nominee campaigning begins.

4.6.23: Campaigning ends and the formal election begins. Ballots can be cast at the Co-op or online.

5.6.23: Voting ends at 10am, and votes will be counted at our Annual Member Meeting, beginning at 11am.

5.8.23: The results of the election are announced on our social media and website.

6.12.23: New Directors seated at first Board meeting of Board Year 2023 Election Calendar.

About the Board of Directors


The Board works on behalf of the Member-Ownership, to set the mission of the Co-op, as well as monitor the operations and management of the store.


Director candidates must be committed to the Ends Statement of Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op. Board Directors are volunteers for a term of two years and commit to working about 6 – 10 hours per month.


To thank them for their efforts and involvement, Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op Directors receive 25% off all of their purchases at the Co-op. Our Directors also gain a variety of useful skills, such as business acumen, management experience, high-level communication, financial literacy, strategic thinking, and teamwork.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be a Breadroot shareholder (member) in good standing.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in bi-monthly Board meetings and the Annual Member Meeting in May.
  • Serve on one or two committees or task forces.
  • Attend and participate in a day-long annual retreat in the Fall and/or Spring.
  • Participate in Board training, as well as workshops, conferences, and Breadroot events throughout the year.
  • Regularly read and respond to email correspondence.
  • Devote time to learning about the co-op movement and the board decision-making tool Policy Governance.

How to become a Candidate for the Board

The 2023 Declaration of Candidacy is open from 1.24.23 – 2.22.23. Member-owners that are interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors must submit a Declaration of Candidacy. If you have questions, you can email the General Manager Sharissa Hermanson at, or the Board President Twyla Stanifer at

How to get involved without being on the Board

  • Attend the Annual Member Meeting
  • Attend one or more Board meetings
  • Meet with a current or former Board Director
  • Apply to serve on a Board committee