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Board meetings are held the third Monday of every month, and are open to all Member-Owners to attend (virtually).

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Twyla Stanifer
Board President

As a wellness coach I believe in being a part of my community and supporting organizations like Breadroot that offer a much needed resource. I refer my clients to good quality food as their first line of
defense for good health and believe in the mission of this organization. I am an ideas person and strategic thinker. I look forward to offering my experience, insights, and energy towards moving the mission forward.

Kim Tilsen-Brave Heart
Board Vice President

I am an enrolled citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a small businesswoman entrepreneur, and the Executive Chef of Etiquette Catering Company a unique artisan catering company located in downtown Rapid City. I am a 6th generation entrepreneur proud to be a part of the Tanka Bar family. I am an entrepreneurship and economic development specialist, helping to assist in the launch of over 187 small businesses throughout the country. I was awarded the Enterprising Friend of Small Business Award for the SD CEO Women’s Business Center in 2019. I along with my husband Brandon were award the Sustainability award by the City of Rapid City for our commitment to creating a sustainably green business. I am the co-founder of the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance. The award I hold closest to my heart is the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award from my home reservation.

Dowell Caselli-Smith
Board Treasurer

After serving three terms as President, a term as Vice President and two terms as Board Treasurer, I now hope to work with the President, Finance Committee and the General Manager to continue refining our monthly and quarterly reports to the full board and member/owners. It is exciting to be a part of a vibrant board and thriving organization with a great future ahead. I hope my experiences heading up a small business loan fund, operating a few small business ventures, and teaching about co-ops in my sociology courses will be of value to Breadroot. We are fortunate to have become affiliated with the National Cooperative Grocers Association and CDS Consulting Services. They have helped us a lot and have the resources and courses to move us forward in sustainable and meaningful ways. We as board members can and are experiencing growth along with our management, employees and our store. Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility for your investment in a growing cooperative!

Curt Voight
Board Secretary

Jan and I have lived in South Dakota our entire lives. I have a ranch/farm background and currently serve as manager of the Voight Scatterwood Reserve that is part of my Grandfather’s Homestead. My professional career has been in the State of South Dakota as a public school teacher, coach, principal, superintendent, University Adjunct and Assistant Professor at SDSU. I have board experience at the local, state, national, and international level. I provided leadership training in consensus building and strategic initiative design at the non-profit and for-profit world. I worked with the Gates Foundation to define and assess effective leadership in the design of a Leadership Assessment Center. For the past 20 years our family has been involved with the Breadroot COOP. I would continue to be engaged in the growth of
Breadroot in service to the community.

Tiffany Knight

Hello fellow cooperators! My roots to Breadroot run deep, I have been a member since Breadroot opened in 2001 at the Columbus Street location. I volunteered at Breadroot for 12 years, doing everything from moving the store three times, placing orders, running the till, opening and closing the store, helping write the mission statement, as well as serving on the board for many years. The co-op is a magical place for me, I love and appreciate the community that continues to grow and I look forward to being able to keep the growth in the direction of making healthy food affordable to everyone, growing our connections with local producers, educating the public, and strengthening our community. I’m in Breadroot at least 2 to 3 times a week, if you see me, please introduce yourself and feel free to ask me any questions, about how I can best represent you. This is our store, Breadroot is member owned, I look forward to representing you!

Paul Cohen

I became interested in healthy eating and living as a young adult, getting involved work- wise in 1986 in Great Falls, MT, where I managed a health food store specializing in bulk food purchasing and bread making. In 1996 I moved to a friend’s newly purchased 80 acre market farm and spent the next 15 months in the transition process to organic and starting an on-farm store. Afterwards I ran a non-profit project in western Montana connecting growers to consumers, restaurants, stores and other growers. I also worked with an organic commodities broker locating markets for organic crops grown in the Montana Dakotas region. In the fall of 2017, I began a 14 month journey volunteering on organic farms in Israel, including a 10 month stint on a Community Supported Agriculture operation, afterwards relocating to Rapid City in December of 2018. I have also done much writing and editing in recent years. I see lots of opportunity to apply my experience and abilities on behalf of the growing Breadroot community.

Laurie Hawes

I moved to the Black Hills area from the east coast in 2020. I own my own meeting planning company. With all my travels, Rapid City is where my husband and I decided we wanted to put down roots. I
have worked with cooperatives, primarily electric and telephone, since 2004 . The cooperative model of business is exciting to me; those who use the commodity govern and control it. With that goal in mind, the business is truly accountable to its members. For over 20 years, Breadroot has done a great job in establishing themselves in the community and helping the less fortunate. With so many people moving into the Rapid City area, my goal is to promote the co-op to people that may not really understand why a co-op is such a good business practice. I would also like to bring together the co-ops in the Rapid City area so they can promote one another. Together we are stronger.

Jamin Hübner

Hey everyone! My name is Jamin Hübner and I currently serve as a professor of economics for the University of the People, a Research Fellow for LCC International University, and an Airbnb host for tourists in the Black Hills. I previously served as a Director of Institutional Effectiveness in higher education and an economics instructor at Western Dakota Tech. I grew up on a farm in Southeastern South Dakota and moved to Rapid City in 2010 to fall further in love with my partner Jessica, who is a licensed therapist in town. Both of us enjoy hiking, reading, coffee and tea, and playing with our two rescue dogs Shosta and Zoay. We also have a passion for ethical living, community flourishing, and social justice by direct democracy, inclusion, cooperation, and decentralized power. I look forward to working on your team to build further momentum at Breadroot!

All Breadroot Board Members

Twyla Stanifer – Board President
Kim Tilsen-Brave Heart – Board Vice President
Dowell Caselli-Smith – Board Treasurer
Curt Voight – Board Secretary
Tiffany Knight
Paul Cohen
Laurie Hawes
Jamin Hubner

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