2023 Board Of Directors Election

The Board works on behalf of the Member-Ownership, to set the mission of the Co-op, as well as monitor the operations and management of the store.

Director candidates must be committed to the Ends Statement of Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op. Board Directors are volunteers for a term of two years and commit to working about 6 – 10 hours per month.

Voting Begins 4.6.23


Jessica Ries

I am interested in serving on the board because I have been passionate about food justice, sustainability, and food security for over two decades and Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op plays a vital role in those fields for our membership and community. Breadroot provides its membership and community healthy foods and goods in a welcoming space for all of us. I am immensely interested in making sure the board operates with the voice of the membership at its heart. The power of any co-op is in its  membership and to me there is no better way to represent the people than to serve on the board of directors. An integral part of serving on the board is listening, debating, executing proposed ideas, and dedicating the time required to do a thorough in-depth job. The board position also means that we keep the budget and finances of our Co-op in line with our mission and values. I feel that my knowledge base, skill set and personality are well-suited to communicating with our community, our membership and reaching sound decisions with board members and management. “


 Rachel Lindvall

Diving deeper into board membership at Breadroot Natural Foods Co -op seems like part of a natural progression for me. My belief is that I have an obligation to serve our local and global communities.  Joining the board will positively utilize my training, experience and interest in the world around me.

My early upbringing in NYC as the daughter of a small businessman afforded me a very direct insight into the challenges and rewards of running a retail storefront. Leaving NY to attend college in Madison, Wisconsin provided me with my first exposure to the concept and reality of belonging to a food coop.  Back then, members all had a work requirement at the Coop. This hands-on membership provided a venue for talking about food and what it meant to us as part of our present and future. So many years later, food is still central to the policies and discussion of everything in terms of health, nutrition, environment, culture, justice and equity.

Since those college days, I’ve worked in the intersection of small scale agriculture, community and economic development and environmental sustainability.  I’ve been a university educator, community extension specialist and a program coordinator. I’ve enjoyed in-depth opportunities to learn from reading, research and interaction with people in a wide variety of situations. I relish talking with people about their experiences and how it shapes their viewpoints. In June 2022, I retired from my position with SDSU.  Although I still maintain interest and activity in some of my former commitments, retirement has allowed me to select and prioritize how to best allocate my time.

On a personal level, my husband Mark and I have been married for 41 years.  We have 2 wonderful sons who grew up in Valentine, NE. and now live on opposite sides of the country in Los Angeles, CA. and Atlanta, GA.  Mark and I moved to the Rapid City area in 2019 with our dog Sparky.  We enjoy the amazing outdoor activities available to us at home in the Black Hills. We hike, ski, boat, ride bikes, bird watch, and generally explore together.  We also love to travel to destinations near and far. (Ask me about Antarctica!)  I’m also a gardener, forager, swimmer and fiber arts enthusiast. “


Tiffany Knight

Hello fellow cooperators! My roots to Breadroot run deep, I have been a member since Breadroot opened in 2001 at the Columbus Street location. I volunteered at Breadroot for 12 years, doing everything from moving the store three times, placing orders, running the till, opening and closing the store, helping write the mission statement, as well as serving on the board for many years. The co-op is a magical place for me, I love and appreciate the community that continues to grow and I look forward to being able to keep the growth in the direction of making healthy food affordable to everyone, growing our connections with local producers, educating the public, and strengthening our community. I’m in Breadroot at least 2 to 3 times a week, if you see me, please introduce yourself and feel free to ask me any questions, about how I can best represent you. 

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